Whether or not the car is the environmental polluter number one is an issue the experts argue about all the time! The fact is that it is not clean breathable air that comes out of the exhaust and we must all do what we can to protect our environment!

Severe driving conditions such as frequent cold starting, short distance trips, stop and go in city traffic contribute to harmful impurities and sediments building up on internal surfaces of the motor. The results are loss of power, increased fuel and oil consumption, lack of lubrication, damaging and polluting exhaust gases and last but not least, engine damage!

EnviroTek products are specifically developed to clean and restore the engine to its original condition with results benefiting both your vehicle and our environment.



  • clean and powerful combustion

  • improved engine performance

  • better fuel & oil consumption

  • less wear on moving parts

  • considerable carbon reduction

  • clean exhaust emissions


Diesel Conditioner

$11.50$287.50 Ex GST

Envirotek DIESEL FUEL CONDITIONER is new generation diesel fuel conditioner made for all diesel systems, including common rail systems. It will reduce diesel smoking instantly. It removes gum and varnish from the diesel system and eliminates bacterial growth from the diesel tank.

Diesel has the tendency to degrade in storage, leading to the formation of residues which can cause blocking of the diesel filter. All diesels suffer from moisture in the tank. Envirotek Diesel Fuel Conditioner eliminates moisture, destroying the bacteria and reducing the corrosive effect in the diesel.

Both field and laboratory tests show that the use of Envirotek Diesel Fuel Conditioner improves cleanliness and with regular use extends the life of your injectors by a factor of six. A more efficient spray pattern increases engine efficiency, giving better economy and minimising exhaust smoke.

Envirotek Diesel Fuel Conditioner will:

  • Clean injectors, nozzles, compression rings and valve seats
  • Control smoke emissions
  • Remove gum and varnish
  • Improve fuel stability
  • Prevent wax formation and reduces pour point down to 18.4F

Envirotek products are formulated by professionals for top performance.

Engine Flush

$11.50$287.50 Ex GST

Envirotek ENGINE FLUSH. Your oil should be golden, not black!

With today’s extended service intervals combined with severe driving conditions, contamination free engines are essential for safe motoring.

Today’s motorist demands and expects quality and wants to see golden oil on the dipstick.

Even the best of oils break down with time. Once dirty oil is saturated with impurities it will turn into sludge.

Sludge will negatively affect the power of your engine, cause excessive wear and tear on all moving parts, increase the running cost of your car and contribute to polluting exhaust emissions.

A normal oil change will not get rid of the sludge which is the reason we recommend and use engine flush on our services. With Envirotek Engine Flush you will have clean oil in a clean engine.

Envirotek Engine Flush will:

  • Remove sludge & soft carbon built-up from engine
  • Clean & free noisy hydraulic lifters
  • Raise and stabilise compression by removing carbon
  • Keep new oil cleaner, for longer
  • Lubricate & protect while cleaning
  • Improve engine efficiency providing more power

Envirotek products are formulated by professionals for top performance.

Oil Booster

$11.50$287.50 Ex GST

Envirotek OIL BOOSTER is a polymer type product designed to reduce hard oil formation and neutralise harmful crankcase acids. It is designed to combat engine wear and ensure maximum lubrication. It exceeds specifications required by all the leading manufacturers. Envirotek Oil Booster will protect the engine during extended oil change periods and is an excellent product for breaking in a new motor.

Envirotek Oil Booster will:

  • Reduce oil burning and wear
  • Reduce corrosion
  • Maintain oil pressure
  • Neutralise crankcase acids
  • Prevent cold start rattle
  • Protect engines during severe driving conditions

Envirotek products are formulated by professionals for top performance.