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Is the ‘Tune-Up’ Service Back?

Date: 04/24

Today’s tune-ups are very different from those of yesteryear; there are no points to adjust and no carburettor to tweak, but nevertheless, a tune-up is essential to keep a vehicle running optimally.

Envirotek announces partnership with Atlantic Oil

Date: 02/23

Envirotek partners with Atlantic Oil, highlighting our commitment as Australian-owned and operated businesses.

Additives and Upsells or Chemical Tools?

Date: 03/22

For years we have seen and used additives for various applications in the maintenance of vehicles. Fuel additives, oil additives, stopleaks and even additives for tyres, all promising benefits for the consumer. Today we are in a new world with new technologies and new systems striving to make vehicles more efficient and cleaner. But there is still a lot of scepticism among technicians about the use of additives, driven by poor past experiences.

TaT Spotlight

Date: __/__

Let’s start with the motto – Australian Made and Made for the Trade. Envirotek is an automotive-additive company that’s been manufacturing and distributing in Australia for more than 20 years. The roots of the business were laid in Germany before it expanded to manufacturing in Australia. Now 100% Australian-owned, Envirotek offers products for workshops across the country. With blending, packaging and warehousing all in Brisbane, it has a strong hold in the south-east Queensland market but says it is looking for a more substantial expansion into the southern states.

Diesel Bug Contamination

Date: __/__

In this article, Envirotek delves into a recent case of diesel-bug contamination in Queensland. Diesel bug is a common term used to cover the fungi, bacteria and yeast that can and will grow in diesel fuel if the conditions are right.

Flushed with Success

Date: 04/16

The debate rages on — To flush or not to flush. With the gap between service intervals ever widening, coupled with the average motorist taking advantage of the gap by extending it even further, the average late model car has an ongoing oil quality problem that ultimately will cause engine damage.

Flush for Mechanics

Date: __/__

In a side-by-side comparison of two identical 2006 Ford Focus vehicles, a Queensland mechanic recently demonstrated how Envirotek engine oil flush products can make a significant difference to the condition and performance of your vehicle.