• Extends Coolant Life
  • Provide Hot Surface Aluminium Protection
  • Reduce Hard Water Scale
  • Provide Excellent Heat Transfer and Improve Water Pump and Seal Life
  • Protects Brass, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Solder, Copper and Steel
  • Contents sufficient to treat up to 10 litres


Add to existing coolant every 12 months or 30,000 km. Meets all USA, European and Japanese vehicle requirements. Radiator Conditioner will boost coolant to exceed ASTM 1384 and ASTM D 4656. ASTM 5345 and ASTM 4987. Catarpillar ECI, Detroil Diesel and several motors. Nitrate, phosphate, borate, silicate and armine free. 100 biodegradable.

Envirotek products are formulated by professionals for top performance


Huge Range of High Quality Products

With more than 15 impressive automotive petrochemicals in our range, you won’t be disappointed with Envirotek.

Automotive Industry Designed Products

Envirotek products are highly sought after in the automotive industry. We sell direct to mechanics, workshops and dealerships.

Improve Performance and Minimise Issues

Improve performance & minimise contamination by keeping new oil clean and maintaining better condition of the engine for longer.


Envirotek has established a manufacturing, distribution and sales office efficiently servicing demand throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.

Combined with our Sister company in the USA, Envirotek has over 40 years experience in the automotive chemical field.

Envirotek products are specifically developed to clean and restore the engine to its original condition with results benefiting both your vehicle and our environment.

We are known for producing high quality products – different to our competitors – that are extensively in the automotive industry.


Engine Flush for Mechanics

In a side-by-side comparison of two identical 2006 Ford Focus vehicles, a Queensland mechanic recently demonstrated how Envirotek engine oil flush products can make a big difference to the condition and performance of your vehicle. Here at Envirotek we’re proud of the high quality automotive vehicle additives we produce. We’re also confident that you’ll agree…


The debate rages on – to flush or not to flush. With the gap between service intervals ever widening, coupled with the average motorist taking advantage of the gap by extending it even further, the average late model car has an ongoing oil quality problem that ultimately will cause engine damage. Manufacturers have unwittingly lulled…


Envirotek is proud to announce the launch of its new website featuring a raft of products. All Envirotek products are Australian Made, and made for the trade. Located in Brisbane and trading in Australia since 1997, Envirotek has established a manufacturing, distribution and sales office efficiently servicing demand throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific…